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Light Bulbs

Philips A19 LED


Philips EnduraLED A-shape Dimmable LED lamps are the smart LED alternative to standard incandescents. The unique lamp design provides omi-directional light with excellent dimming performance.

Philips award winning LED light bulb!
Uses 12W & has the light output of a regular 60W bulb
Rated Average Life: 25,000 hr (17 years @ 4 hours a day)
Overall Length: 4.255"

High Intensity Discharge Lamps

High performance SYLVANIA METALARC® metal halide lamps are among the most energy efficient sources of white light available today for many interior and exterior applications.

METALARC POWERBALL® CERAMIC metal halide lamps meet today’s color critical application needs. Their ceramic arc tube design delivers long life, high efficacy, and superior color rendering and consistency.

LUMALUX® PLUS ECOLOGIC®* high pressure sodium lamps have exceptionally long service life and are ideally suited to exterior applications such as security, parking lots, garages, facades and thoroughfares.




This low voltage LED MR16 is dimmable and available in two different wattage options, two different color options, and three different beam spreads.

Color: Soft white or Warm White
Beam Spread: 15°, 24°, and 36°
Watt: 7 or 10
Lumens: 335 or 420
Average Rated Life: 40,000 hours

Incandescent Lamps

SYLVANIA's incandescent ECOLOGIC lamps are manufactured with lead-free solder. ECOLOGIC lamps include standard A19 types from 34W to 135W in clear, frosted, and colored finishes; globe-shaped types in clear, frosted, and colored finishes and bent-tip B10 decor types in clear, frosted, and faceted finishes. Look for the ECOLOGIC logo to find incandescent lamps with the lead-free solder feature.


7 Watt Compact Fluorescent


Energy saving alternative to incandescent lamps saves up to 75 percent energy compared to similar lumen output incandescent.

Available up to 150W incandescent equivalent.

Halogen Lamps

SYLVANIA's TRU-AIM family of halogen MR16 and MR11 reflector lamps provides the widest variety of extremely compact and highly directional light sources in the industry. TRU-AIM lamps provide bright, crisp light while lasting up to 6000 hours. TRU-AIM's exceptional reflector and filament design provides a superior smooth beam pattern. The UV- control capsule reduces UV-radiation up to 90%.


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